Friday, November 27, 2009

Chrysalis Dinner - and more twinkling toes

Last weekend I joined a host of West Derby Labour Party people (happily including some of my best friends) at a special dinner to congratulate Chrysalis on their 10th anniversary in Domestic Violence Support Services.

Hosted at the Devonshire House Hotel (yes, that wonderful place again - I may get shares), this glittering ball was attended by upwards of 500 people, mainly young woman survivors of domestic violence (and all dressed up beautifully, it being one of their social highlights of the year). It was hard to believe or imagine that their partners have found it acceptable to hit them, but uplifting that they were all out having a good time, confident, dancing, enjoying being in each other's company and beginning to heal.

Incidently, I did notice that there might be a role for a smoking cessation organisation to turn up with a stall next year - judging by the sheer numbers of women piling out of the front door for a smoke, between courses etc (don't ask me how I know).

Stephen Twigg, Chair of the Board of Trustees and I took to the dance floor several times in what is now becoming a new tradition, I am sure they only invited me to come along with him because of our Abba performance from 2007!

A very big well done to Jacqui Nasuh and all of her team for the wonderful work they continue to do for these vulnerable women and their children. You deserve every word of every plaudit you received, you are all truly awesome.

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