Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My election leaflet

I was sent an email today by Google Alerts, a really useful service that lets you know when a word or phrase that you are interested in is published on the internet. As a politician one of the phrases I have asked it to search for each day is "Louise Baldock" - obviously I want to read any references to me.

Today's notification (and I get one most days, usually, but not always, referring to my own blog entries) told me that my election leaflet had been reproduced on a website called "The Straight Choice" - this is not a reference to sexuality, but to the choices facing electors, although I was not quite sure where it was going until I clicked on the link.

It would seem that someone in Kensington and Fairfield has helpfully uploaded my leaflet to the internet. They have reproduced some of the text (although not quite accurately) but more importantly have scanned in the leaflet. Which means that I can link to it here for you to have a look at. I do of course have it as a PDF myself but am not able to upload PDFs on blogger (my host) so was not able to do this myself.

Interestingly there is a section for the person who scans in the leaflet to identify which party has been attacked in the leaflet, but my leaflet makes no negative to reference to any party, policy or individual. It is entirely positive in fact, so this section has been left blank.

Please do feel free to comment on the leaflet once you have looked at it.


Anonymous said...

delivered enough of them to know that you never even mentioned your opponents, only all the fantastic things you've done.

Louise Baldock said...

Steady on there anonymous (CAM?), I don't know that I would be bandying the word "fantastic" around, but it is good to know that you agree with me that it is a positive leaflet about the hard work of the Labour Party in Kensington and Fairfield.

I am proud to say I put it together and laid it out myself, with a bit of help from the young people and of course my two ward colleagues who approved the text with me.

This leaflet I do take absolute personal responsibility for.

Robert said...

Louise! Can I ask for some advice/help? Take a look at survey on Branch Website. Am trying to get it round as far and fast as poss, but lack of skills means it's like learning Klingon while swimming The Channel. I reckon there's loads of specific, incontrovertible evidence there of the mess the Tories left and what we've done to clean up. Same would be found everywhere. But I can't find anyone to pick it up and push it! We face so many accusations about doing nowt, but when we have the evidence we don't use it? What's best way to send ir as wide and fast and easy as poss? And do you know any Big Cheese you can send it on to? Imagine...GB on a guided tour..."You know, it's easy to forget what a difference to people's daily lives Labour's made. Let's nogt be vague. See what we've done here..." GB as man who gets things done if he don't seem charismatic. Bob 077 329 458 62

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Bob, you will have to send me the link to the branch website if you want me to look at the detail but the best way to get anything circulated in a short time in the current climate is via Facebook. Pass it on to someone like LabourWin and ask them to circulate, put a link on your home page and ask your friends to circulate etc. If people see it as valuable information then they will quickly spread it round. Sorry not to have mor time to give to this, am in work today and was at a Labour social last night. Best wishes, Louise