Thursday, November 03, 2011

African Scams sink lower than amoebas on fleas on rats

I may have stolen a line from Frenchy in Grease there, but the sentiments are spot on.

I got this APPALLING piece of spam mail today, I am nearly speechless with horror.

Here it is, from


My name is Mrs Yetunde Owolabi from Repulic of Benin, I gave birth to three plates, 3 children at a time after the death my husband on 18th of June 2011 by auto car accident. Already we have received 5 children from God, right now I can’t take care of them so I have decided to give them out for adoption, if you are interested let me know, I am not selling them but you will only pay for adoption fees to the ministry in concern and the Lawyer will legalized all the relevant documents and the baby will become legally yours.


Mrs. Yetunde Owolabi

That there are such disgusting people in the world who would pray upon infertile couples on one hand and lascivious perverts on the other hand, frankly disgusts and horrifies me.  If any reader knows where I can report this email, in the hope that the international internet police will investigate, please let me know as soon as possible.

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